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Urunga wetland  29/10/12023
Black-faced Monarch
Golden whistler
Bellinger keys lake 15/10/2023
Baillons Crake
Little Grassbird
Urunga Wetland 12/08/2023
Blue faced honey-eater
Pre-mating dragonflies
Skink - land mullet. Urunga wetland
Dorrigo plateau
Jacana photos Urunga Wetland 09/01/2023
Jacana photos Urunga Wetland 05/01/2023
Close up
Great Crested Grebe 20/10/2022
Great Crested Grebe on nest
Chestnut-breasted Mannikin. Yellow Rock Road Urunga 03/10/2022
Diamond Firetail at Mille Creek Reserve Near Barraba 12/09/2023
Pacific Baza Mylestom 18/09/2022
Scaly-breasted Lorikeets Rosedale Drive 13/09/2022
Striated Pardalote, nesting, Hungry Head 06/08/2022
Regent Bowerbird North Beach 01/08/2022
Female Regent Bowerbird North Beach 01/08/2022
Azure Kingfisher Urunga wetland 26/07/2022
White-faced-Heron, Valla beach reserve 12/07/2022
Wompoo fruit dove Urunga wetland 12/07/2022
Spotted Doves Urunga Wetland 11/07/2022
Royal Spoonbill. Bellinger Keys Lake 07/07/2022
Wandering whistling ducks. Bellinger Keys Lake 07/07/2022
Golden Headed Cisticola South West Rocks 29/06/2022
Lewin's Honeyeater, Raleigh 24/06/2022
Azure Kingfisher Urunga wetland 23/06/2022
Black Necked Storks at Raleigh 15/05/2022
Azure Kingfishers at Urunga Wetland
Six of the original nine goslings remaining (04/05/2022)
A Pacific Black duck displaying (04/05/2022)
Wetland lilies
An Armada of Hardhead ducks (04/05/2022)
And some swans...

Welcome swallows
Wandering Whistling Ducks Bellinger Keys Lake 14/05/2022
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